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White Ribbon Day: Stopping Violence Against Women Starts With Men, 2017

News coverage of the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and the messages being sent out to Australians for this year.

What Paul Keating And Tony Abbott Misunderstand About Voluntary Euthanasia, 2017

An investigative piece analysing comments made by former Prime Ministers Paul Keating and Tony Abbott in light of the passing of an assisted dying bill through the Victorian Parliament.

Cryptocurrency Trading Explained: What You Need To Know, 2017

An explainer piece looking at the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency investing, Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Australian regulations and the risks of joining the trader wave.

Mobile Spyware Tracking Apps Put Alarming Focus On Domestic Violence, 2017

An investigation into mobile spyware tracking technology and the ramifications it can have for Australians in domestic violence situations.

Australians Throw Away Nearly $10 Billion In Food Waste Each Year, 2017

News coverage of the wastefulness of Australians in light of a nation-wide survey, the ramifications of the issue and what can be done about it.

World Mental Health Day: Shoes Lined Up Around The World To Show The Devastating Costs Of Suicide, 2017

An emotional feature-length report on the phenomenon behind empty shoes being lined up in locations around the world to represent the people lost to suicide each year.

What Is A Digital Wallet?, 2017

An informative fintech explainer looking at digital wallet technology and their role in, and contribution to, the current boom in cryptocurrencies.

Elisa Curry’s Disappearance: What We Know So Far, 2017

An extensive overlook of the Elisa Curry disappearance, the facts that were known at the time, the development of the search and the response from her family.

The Matildas’ 2-1 Win Against Brazil Was Everything A Homecoming Should Be, 2017

Live coverage of the Australian women’s national football team in their first match on home soil since an impressive Tournament of Nations win in the USA.

Tesla Battery: Everything You Need To Know, 2017

A long-form explainer piece that investigates Elon Musk’s Tesla battery plans for South Australia.

This Is The Unusual Money Laundering Method Of ‘Cuckoo Smurfing’, 2017

An explainer piece that looks at the finer details of a money laundering method allegedly used by Commonwealth Bank Australia in 53,700 breaches of money laundering laws.

Blockchain Explained: What You Need To Know, 2017

An investigative explainer unveiling the intricacies and importance of the boom in Blockchain technology and the potential impacts it could have on the world.

Julia Gillard Will Tackle Suicide As New Beyondblue Chairperson, 2017

A news story based around a one-on-one interview with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard upon her adoption of her new role as Chair of mental health organisation, beyondblue.

Ex-Military Members Are Battling Higher Suicide Rates Than The Rest Of Australia, 2017

A news story reporting the findings of an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report that uncovers the tragically high rates of suicide experienced by former Australian Defence Force members.

Former NFL Star Planned To Hide His Sexuality Until Retirement And Then Kill Himself, 2017

A feature news story focussing on former New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs star Ryan O’Callaghan and his emotional battle with balancing performing in the National Football League (NFL) and keeping his sexuality a secret.

Understanding The Diplomatic Crisis Between Saudi Arabia And Qatar, 2017

An in-depth explanation of the political environment in the Middle Eastern gulf region in June after Saudi Arabia and six other neighbouring and regional countries severed diplomatic ties with Qatar.

How To Start The Conversation About Suicide, 2017

A comprehensive explanation on the importance of language when talking about suicide and how to appropriately address someone who may be feeling suicidal.

Autopsies Confirm Chemical Weapons Used In Syria Gas Attack, 2017

A new story reporting on the deadliest chemical weapons attack in Syria since 2013 and the autopsy that confirmed the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons on its own people.

One In Three Australian Businesses Aren’t Paying Apprentices Correctly, 2017

An investigative feature piece looking at the working conditions of apprentices around the country in light of a Fair Work Ombudsman report highlighting incorrect worker wage rates.

Most Australian Retailers Are Not Ready For Amazon Launch, 2017

A news piece looking at the launch of retail giant Amazon in Australia and a Commonwealth Bank Australia report revealing the majority of domestic businesses to have been under-prepared in dealing with the online goods distributor’s arrival.

It Took A ‘Demoralising’ Eight Years, But Finally This Former SAS Trooper Has Had His Service Recognised, 2017

An investigative feature piece looking at a former SAS trooper who alleged his identity was stolen and the event covered up by top Army brass and then had his service formally recognised following an eight-year legal battle.

Rape Survivor Thordis Elva Wants People To Stop Telling Victims How To React, 2017

A news story reporting on comments made by Icelandic campaigner and public speaker Thordis Elva on the ABC’s ‘Q&A’ program, calling for the onus of sexual assault to be placed back onto male offenders.

There’s An Adelaide Crows AFL Women’s Player You Absolutely Need To Know About, 2017

A feature news story focussing on the back-story of AFLW player Sarah Perkins and her impressive contribution to Australia’s first-ever national Women’s Aussie Rules league.




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