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White Ribbon Day: Stopping Violence Against Women Starts With Men, 2017

News coverage of the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and the messages being sent out to Australians for this year.

What Paul Keating And Tony Abbott Misunderstand About Voluntary Euthanasia, 2017

An investigative piece analysing comments made by former Prime Ministers Paul Keating and Tony Abbott in light of the passing of an assisted dying bill through the Victorian Parliament.

Cryptocurrency Trading Explained: What You Need To Know, 2017

An explainer piece looking at the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency investing, Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Australian regulations and the risks of joining the trader wave.

Mobile Spyware Tracking Apps Put Alarming Focus On Domestic Violence, 2017

An investigation into mobile spyware tracking technology and the ramifications it can have for Australians in domestic violence situations.

Australians Throw Away Nearly $10 Billion In Food Waste Each Year, 2017

News coverage of the wastefulness of Australians in light of a nation-wide survey, the ramifications of the issue and what can be done about it.

World Mental Health Day: Shoes Lined Up Around The World To Show The Devastating Costs Of Suicide, 2017

An emotional feature-length report on the phenomenon behind empty shoes being lined up in locations around the world to represent the people lost to suicide each year.

What Is A Digital Wallet?, 2017

An informative fintech explainer looking at digital wallet technology and their role in, and contribution to, the current boom in cryptocurrencies.

Elisa Curry’s Disappearance: What We Know So Far, 2017

An extensive overlook of the Elisa Curry disappearance, the facts that were known at the time, the development of the search and the response from her family.

The Matildas’ 2-1 Win Against Brazil Was Everything A Homecoming Should Be, 2017

Live coverage of the Australian women’s national football team in their first match on home soil since an impressive Tournament of Nations win in the USA.

Tesla Battery: Everything You Need To Know, 2017

A long-form explainer piece that investigates Elon Musk’s Tesla battery plans for South Australia.

This Is The Unusual Money Laundering Method Of ‘Cuckoo Smurfing’, 2017

An explainer piece that looks at the finer details of a money laundering method allegedly used by Commonwealth Bank Australia in 53,700 breaches of money laundering laws.

Blockchain Explained: What You Need To Know, 2017

An investigative explainer unveiling the intricacies and importance of the boom in Blockchain technology and the potential impacts it could have on the world.

Julia Gillard Will Tackle Suicide As New Beyondblue Chairperson, 2017

A news story based around a one-on-one interview with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard upon her adoption of her new role as Chair of mental health organisation, beyondblue.

Ex-Military Members Are Battling Higher Suicide Rates Than The Rest Of Australia, 2017

A news story reporting the findings of an Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report that uncovers the tragically high rates of suicide experienced by former Australian Defence Force members.

Former NFL Star Planned To Hide His Sexuality Until Retirement And Then Kill Himself, 2017

A feature news story focussing on former New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs star Ryan O’Callaghan and his emotional battle with balancing performing in the National Football League (NFL) and keeping his sexuality a secret.

Understanding The Diplomatic Crisis Between Saudi Arabia And Qatar, 2017

An in-depth explanation of the political environment in the Middle Eastern gulf region in June after Saudi Arabia and six other neighbouring and regional countries severed diplomatic ties with Qatar.

How To Start The Conversation About Suicide, 2017

A comprehensive explanation on the importance of language when talking about suicide and how to appropriately address someone who may be feeling suicidal.

Autopsies Confirm Chemical Weapons Used In Syria Gas Attack, 2017

A new story reporting on the deadliest chemical weapons attack in Syria since 2013 and the autopsy that confirmed the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons on its own people.

One In Three Australian Businesses Aren’t Paying Apprentices Correctly, 2017

An investigative feature piece looking at the working conditions of apprentices around the country in light of a Fair Work Ombudsman report highlighting incorrect worker wage rates.

Most Australian Retailers Are Not Ready For Amazon Launch, 2017

A news piece looking at the launch of retail giant Amazon in Australia and a Commonwealth Bank Australia report revealing the majority of domestic businesses to have been under-prepared in dealing with the online goods distributor’s arrival.

It Took A ‘Demoralising’ Eight Years, But Finally This Former SAS Trooper Has Had His Service Recognised, 2017

An investigative feature piece looking at a former SAS trooper who alleged his identity was stolen and the event covered up by top Army brass and then had his service formally recognised following an eight-year legal battle.

Rape Survivor Thordis Elva Wants People To Stop Telling Victims How To React, 2017

A news story reporting on comments made by Icelandic campaigner and public speaker Thordis Elva on the ABC’s ‘Q&A’ program, calling for the onus of sexual assault to be placed back onto male offenders.

There’s An Adelaide Crows AFL Women’s Player You Absolutely Need To Know About, 2017

A feature news story focussing on the back-story of AFLW player Sarah Perkins and her impressive contribution to Australia’s first-ever national Women’s Aussie Rules league.

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Indigenous domestic violence worker fired two days after racism complaint, 2018

News piece featuring an Indigenous employee of a Queensland government-funded organisation who was fired after filing complaints of four months of alleged abuse.

Power Ledger named as finalist in Richard Branson’s tech competition, 2018

A news story looking at an Australian blockchain-based company named in the final three of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), judged by Branson himself.

Jelena Dokic announces plan to launch domestic violence awareness foundation, 2018

News coverage of the former Australian tennis star’s plans to open her own foundation, in light of her own experiences with domestic violence during her time playing.

Super Bowl Aussie winemaker Yellow Tail reveals new ad, 2018

A feature piece looking at the Australian brand that made it to consecutive Super Bowl TV coverages with an advert featuring a kangaroo shown to over 100 million people.

Australian bobsleigh hopeful has her eyes on 2022 Winter Olympics after missing PyeongChang games, 2018

An exclusive feature piece looking at Ashleigh Werner, an Australian bobsleigh athlete who was rejected from the 2018 Winter Olympics due to a governing body decision.

John Oliver takes aim at ‘hypocritical’ Barnaby Joyce’s ‘family values’ over extramarital affair, 2018

Coverage of the US talk show host’s criticism of the then-Deputy Prime Minister in light of his public affair scandal that rocked Australian politics in early 2018.

Honeymoon crowdfunding page launched for cancer battler following community-organised ‘fairytale wedding’, 2018

A feature piece looking at the emotional circumstances, wedding and honeymoon crowdfunding support of a NSW woman diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The town cut off after record rainfall, 2018

A breaking news story focused on the outback Queensland town of Winton, which was left entirely isolated by days of torrential rainfall across the state.

World-first research shows leading bottled water brands ‘contain hundreds of plastic particles’, 2018

An investigative news piece from an Australian standpoint looking at US-based research that identified plastic particles in bottled water brands.

Tradie admitted his gambling problem to Commonwealth Bank and received credit card limit increase, 2018

A news story sourced from the Royal Commission into the banking sector that focused on the human effects of the poor practices uncovered in Australia’s major banks.

David Warner breaks down in emotional ball-tampering apology, 2018

A breaking news story focused on the apology of Australian cricketer David Warner following the ball-tampering scandal – the biggest national sports scandal this year.

The heartwarming gesture of Australian sportsmanship that stuck out at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, 2018

A lighter story looking at three Australian long-distance Commonwealth Games runners who stayed behind after their race to congratulate a competitor. 

Swans star Gary Rohan announces the birth of his ‘perfect’ twin daughters, 2018

A breaking news story looking at the bitter-sweet announcement of Rohan’s two daughters, one of who tragically passed away hours after birth.

What it’s like to be in the path of a bushfire, 2018

A first-person account of the 2018 bushfires that ravaged areas around southern Sydney.

Former aged care worker speaks of ‘shocking’ conditions and stress, 2018

An exclusive case study that unveils the appalling realities for workers, residents and organisations in the Australian aged care sector.

Intense voluntary euthanasia debate amid Professor David Goodall’s decision to end his life, 2018

News coverage of the departure of Australia’s oldest scientist from the country in order to seek voluntary euthanasia, and the heated national argument that followed.

Federal Budget 2018: Your two-minute guide, 2018

A collaborative news piece unveiling the details of Treasurer Scott Morrison’s third Federal Budget, created from Parliament House lock-up in Canberra.

Federal Budget 2018: The winners and losers, 2018

An analysis piece looking into how the Coalition’s pre-election Budget would positively or negatively affect various individuals, companies and sectors.

Federal Budget 2018: The hidden surprises in the 2018 Federal Budget, 2018

An analysis piece that unveils the taxes and sources of government revenue or funding cuts in the Federal Budget that had not already been heavily scrutinised.

The Australian fighting for abortion rights in Ireland’s referendum, 2018

A feature piece on Australian journalist Brianna Parkins, who was an entrant in an Irish cultural festival before voicing her steadfast support for  change to abortion laws.

The Matildas’ youngest-ever player Mary Fowler named in Australian squad, 2018

A feature piece on 15-year-old Mary Fowler’s inclusion into the Australian women’s football team, following a one-on-one interview with her.

3D-printed guns in Australia: Everything you need to know, 2018

An extensive explainer piece looking into the 3D-printed gun phenomenon in light of recent law changes, both in Australia and internationally.

Australian researchers identify rare new intellectual disability linked to gene mutation, 2018

A research-based news story looking at the groundbreaking discovery of a new cognitive gene mutation that leads to the slowing of brain function.

Brewers turning unused strawberries into beer to combat contamination crisis, 2018

A feature story looking at Australian breweries using strawberries from farms significantly affected by the 2018 needle-in-fruit scandal.

Airbnb buy-out of accessible travel app Accomable to make holidaying easier for people with disabilities, 2018

A feature story looking at the growth of accessible travel accommodation platform, Accomable, and its new partnership with global giant AirBnB.

Power Ledger wins endorsements worth millions in Sir Richard Branson’s tech competition, 2018

A news piece detailing Perth-based blockchain electricity provider Power Ledger’s victory in the Extreme Tech Challenge.

Melbourne Cup 2018: Why are injured race horses euthanised trackside?, 2018

An explainer piece looking into the ethical and logistical reasoning behind race horse euthanisation after the sixth death of a horse in as many years.

How Australian shark attack prevention technology can stop deaths, 2018

An explainer piece examining the biological explanation for shark behaviour in light of a spate of recent attacks around Australia.

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Australia Day: The race that ‘changed Kurt Fearnley’ into becoming one of the nation’s greatest athletes, 2019

A feature story looking back at the life and achievements of Australian sporting great Kurt Fearnley ahead of his Australian of the Year 2019 nomination.

Far North Queensland continues to battle – and survive – the worst flooding event in living history, 2019

A breaking news story filed on-location from Brisbane during the worst rain event in living history to hit Far North Queensland.

Hakeem al-Araibi: Who is the refugee footballer Australia just saved from torture and persecution?, 2019

A feature story on an Australian footballer politically persecuted by Bahrain and jailed in Thailand, including an interview with former Socceroo Craig Foster.

Exclusive: Why battling Aussie farmer asked for help in worst drought crisis in a century, 2019

An exclusive feature focusing on the experiences of one, struggling NSW farmer in light of 6000 who registered for emergency assistance in the worst drought in 100 years.

Christchurch shooting victims identified as police praise quick response, 2019

A breaking news story a week after the worst terror attack in New Zealand’s history, in which 50 people were violently murdered by a lone gunman in an attack on mosques.

Sydney 2 CAMberra: How one couple’s trauma led to 300km charity and counselling bike ride, 2019

A feature story focused on the tragic loss of one Sydney family, and how that led to the creation of the Sydney 2 CAMberra charity ride – which now helps hundreds of people.

Anzac Day: Invictus Games star’s life as a ‘broken, never beaten’ army Veteran, 2019

An ANZAC feature story on the life and achievements of Australian Army veteran and Invictus games athlete Jarrod Kent.

Federal Election 2019: All the winners and losers, 2019

A summary of the major outcomes from the 2019 Australian Federal Election, including political upsets and analysis.

NSW Budget 2019: What it means for you, 2019

9News.com.au’s only digital wrap of the 2019 NSW Budget handed down by Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, straight from the media lock-up in the Sydney CBD.

WWII commando’s post-war paintings show horrors he couldn’t speak of, 2019

A feature on the life and artwork of French commando Guy de Montlaur, which was featured in the US National WWII Museum to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Brexit: What happens now UK and EU have reached ‘great new deal’, 2019

A breaking news story filed from London on the UK’s newest Brexit deal struck with the EU by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Brexit: Boris Johnson’s new deal approved as MPs reject timeline to pass law, 2019

A breaking news story filed from London on the UK parliamentary vote that halted Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan.

Essex truck deaths: The human tragedy that has rocked a UK county, 2019

A follow-up news story to the tragic discovery of 39 bodies in a truck trailer. Interviews conducted with locals in the small UK town of Grays.

Essex truck deaths: Murder suspect Mo Robinson’s parents ‘shocked and distraught’ after his arrest, 2019

A follow-up news story based off an interview with a local MP who had been in contact with suspect’s family in the aftermath of the discovery of the 39 bodies in Grays, UK.

UK Election: Australians divided over eligibility to vote in crucial national vote, 2019

A feature news story looking at the political divide between Australians in the UK who were eligible to vote in the 2019 General Election.

London Bridge terror attack: Civilian heroes applauded for bravery in stopping suspect, 2019

Rolling news coverage of the London Bridge terror attack, written both from the scene and after the incident.

New Zealand volcano: Cruise passengers wake up to ‘sombre’ morning after terrifying eruption, 2019

A feature news story compiled from interviews with passengers on-board the cruise at the centre of the NZ volcano eruption disaster, conducted from London UK.

UK Election: Boris Johnson doesn’t vote for himself as millions head to polls, 2019

Rolling news coverage of the 2019 UK General Election, which occurred amid a political background of Brexit and the future of the nation.

UK Election: The questions that remain after Conservatives’ huge majority win, 2019

News analysis piece following Boris Johnson’s and the Conservative Party’s overwhelming General Election victory in the United Kingdom.

DECADE IN REVIEW: The murder of an MP amid a decade of division in British politics, 2019

Looking back at some of the world’s biggest stories since 2010, this retrospective piece includes an Exclusive interview with the sister of slain UK MP, Jo Cox.

DECADE IN REVIEW: Costa Concordia: Australian survivor’s life-changing decade after Italian cruise ship disaster, 2019

Looking back at some of the world’s biggest stories since 2010, this retrospective piece includes an Exclusive interview with an Australian survivor of the Costa Concordia sinking disaster.

SHOWCASE TOPIC: Australian drownings, 2019

A series of exclusive news stories created in light of urgent calls made by Australia’s highest drowning prevention authorities for airlines to implement on-board water safety videos in a bid to save lives.

Exclusive: Australia’s chief lifesaving body calls on airlines to show water safety videos on every flight

Exclusive: This summer’s drowning deaths around Australia could become worst on record

Exclusive: Government ‘not responsible’ for drowning prevention videos called for by Surf Life Saving Australia

Exclusive: Drowning prevention bodies renew calls for airline water safety videos amid government inaction

Exclusive: Scott Morrison backs urgent calls for airline water safety videos

Exclusive: Australian airlines looking to host water safety videos on every flight after summer drownings

Australians twice as likely to die drowning on public holidays than any other day’

Exclusive: ‘Devastated’ lifesavers urgently demand more action on water safety after tragic Easter weekend

Exclusive: Federal government can’t deliver on funding plea from professional lifeguards after drownings spike

Exclusive: Mum rescued from ocean says airline water safety videos will save lives

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Australia bushfires: Craig Kelly slammed as ‘extraordinary’ in defending PM’s disaster response on UK TV, 2020

A news story written from London, UK after senior Liberal Party Member Craig Kelly’s on-air defence of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s bushfire crisis response.

Scotland independence referendum stalemate ‘could derail Boris Johnson’s UK leadership’, 2020

A feature news story in light of Boris Johnson’s rejection of the Scottish National Party’s call for a new independence referendum post-General Election.

Why the Auschwitz 75th liberation anniversary means so much to Australian Holocaust survivor, 2020

A feature news story after an interview with an Australian holocaust survivor returning to the Auschwitz concentration camp site 75 years on.

Brexit: What changes on January 31 when the UK leaves the EU?, 2020

A news story detailling the looming changes and future conditions the United Kingdom will live under after the January 31 split date with the EU.

IKEA’s UK store closure indication of future retail perils: analysts, 2020

A feature news story created after IKEA’s decision to close its first UK store in 33 years, featuring the potential retail ramifications for the wider sector.

The ‘insidious, creeping’ psychological effects as epidemic spreads around the world, 2020

An informative news piece on the psychological effects of pandemics, such as that of COVID-19, featuring UK-based experts interviewed while working in London.

Melbourne family fighting to come home from UK after wife’s horror brain injury, 2020

A news article focused on the horrifying experiences of Vincent Louie and his wife, Anna, in the UK’s National Health Service after she suffered a significant brain injury.

‘Everyone knows that Anna is a fighter’: Melbourne family’s healthcare battle after horror brain injury, 2020

A feature story built from an interview with Vincent and Louie, describing their fight to crowdfund monies to return home to adequate health care in Australia.

What is a coronavirus ‘super spreader’ and what is the risk of becoming one?, 2020

An explainer news story built from interviews with epidemiologists who explained the concept of a coronavirus ‘super spreader’ and their possible impacts on societies.

Queen Elizabeth II delivers historic address on coronavirus pandemic crisis, 2020

A breaking news story covering just the fifth special address of the Queen’s reign, in which she addressed the UK’s battle against the spread of COVID-19.

Boris Johnson’s emotional speech to NHS staff and UK after London hospital discharge, 2020

A breaking news story covering the UK Prime Minister’s nationally-televised address days after being released from hospital care for consistent COVID-19 symptoms.

Prime Minister opens national dawn service as Australians remember from driveways, 2020

A breaking news story covering the Prime Minister’s dawn service address amid teh national backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

The world’s biggest news stories you may have forgotten happened in 2020

A news story bringing together the year’s biggest headlines that were not linked to the coronavirus pandemic or Black Lives Matter protests.

How Australians are keeping small businesses alive by ‘buying from the bush’, 2020

A feature story highlighting how businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic have been helped to survive by Australians’ increasing online shopping habits.

Video gaming jobs boom in popularity as Australian advocates fear being left behind, 2020

A feature story looking into the success of video gaming as a career, but also the limitations Australian creators face in trying to kickstart the industry.

Aussie businesses devastated by COVID-19 are slashing jobs and transforming to survive, 2020

A feature story highlighting how businesses transforming their company models during the pandemic has helped them survive, despite large-scale job cuts.

Privacy concerns over contact tracing of personal details in public venues, 2020

A feature story investigating the possible privacy breaches Aussies face by law-invoked coronavirus requirements placed on businesses around the nation.

Siberian Arctic ice forming less, melting faster than any year since 1979, 2020

An investigative look into the growing climate crisis gripping the Arctic region amid skyrocketing temperatures in global warming.

Qantas says goodbye to piece of aviation history with fleet’s final flight, 2020

A news story focused on Qantas’ final 747-400 flight out of Australia, with the fleet retiring early due to the effects of COVID-19 on global tourism.

Spike in glaciers’ rate of melting linked to human greenhouse emissions, 2020

A news story looking at New Zealand-based climate science research that shows the ongoing and increasing effect of global warming on the world’s sea ice masses.

‘Catastrophic’ Mauritius oil spill impacts could be felt for decades, conservation groups say, 2020

An in-depth news story looking at the MV Wakashio’s grounding off Mauritius and the environmental and economic impacts it could cause into the future.

Historic Arctic heatwave has thawed North Pole so much it’s shattered, 2020

A news story in light of images and German climate science research that shows the North Pole has thawed due to intense global warming in 2020.

Horror hygiene concerns inside evacuated Travelodge Surry Hills, 2020

An in-depth news story on the experiences of returned travellers forced into horrific conditions at a Sydney quarantine hotel evacuated due to safety concerns.

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